VLC Media Player for all Platforms

VLC Media Player for Windows, Linux, Windows Phone, iOS and Android

VLC Media Player is definitely the best media players (video and audio) also its free. this software developed by students from the Central School of Paris, the software is cross-platform and is available for Windows, OS X, Linux, Windows Phone, iOS and Android.

VLC Media Player

Why use VLC?

The main function of VLC Media Player is obviously to allow playback of videos (the need of its subtitles) and music.

Using this Software allow you to play huge number of formats without requiring the installation of third-party codecs.

Its features compared with software such as Media Player Classic made it popular software.

VLC Media Player is able to read the DVD, VCD, audio CD and receive multimedia networks streams via other protocols such as TCP, UDP, HTTP, FTP, or live Show broadcasts.

VLC Media Player obviously supports high definition (such as H.264 or WebM and the Xvid decoding).

VLC have very simple user interface and it’s contains main needed thing such as Buttons Transport (next or previous track, play/pause, stop), repeat, shuffle.

VLC Media Player Extensions

There are two types of extensions, the first will aim to retrieve content (video, audio and subtitles) from the Internet, the second one will offer the possibility to access additional background information. Among the most popular:
-VLSub, ‘Downloader’ automatic subtitle
-Summary Media, which allows you to resume a video where the user left
-Subtitle finder
-Musixmatch lyrics fetcher
-Media Context


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Apple Platforms

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You can also directly get the source code.


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Other Systems

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